Interior Painting

No matter how spacious or modest your living quarters, Better Home Ideas, Inc. believes your home should reflect your unique taste. What does your home convey about your personal style? Classic sophistication. Edgy eccentricity. Rustic naturalism. Or maybe a contradiction of sorts? If it’s time your home had a facelift, allow Better Home Ideas, Inc. to give it the makeover that will transform your home into a personalized space that looks and feels like you — your own haven.

Our Process

We treat your house like it's our own. We will strive to minimize inconvenience and deliver the highest quality work products during the process.

  • The first step before we start our project is PROTECTION AND SETUP. We will move all the furniture if necessary and protect it with plastic and tarps to keep it free from dust. Your floors will be protected as well with plastic or tarps depending on the work we are going to do.
  • Next step is PREPARATION. 90% of the final result depends on well prepared surfaces.
  • After the preparation, we start the PAINTING process. We only use the best quality paints and we try to promote environmentally safe products available in today's market. We will help you choose the right color and finish.
  • The next important step is CLEANUP. All areas where the work is performed will be cleaned and free of dust on a daily basis. After all work is completed, the furniture will be moved back to its original place.
  • A thorough INSPECTION is our final step to be certain of your complete satisfaction.

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